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Focused on Permanent Placement Staffing Solutions

 With over 8 years of experience recruiting talented professionals here in the Twin Cities, you will be hard pressed to find another firm with the understanding of your competitors and the talent market in Minnesota.  We specialize in Search Recruitment for permanent placement professionals that are looking for organizations for the long-term.  Professionals that will be cornerstones of your organization and foster growth.

The professionals we talk to don't have their resume posted online.

 There are a lot of "Staffing Firms" that will monitor resume sites and post jobs online.  We are not one of those firms.  Our focus is developing a dedicated "Search Plan" for your position and targeting the most talented and qualified professionals in the market.  Most firms send you the resumes of people that are actively looking in the market.  How many times have you lost out on a candidate because they are entertaining multiple offers?  The most talented candidates aren't actively looking, they are busy working.  Real recruiters reach out to them, they don't wait for them to post their resumes.  We work harder for your business. 


As traditional "Headhunters" we are skilled in many different practices for recruitment.  We focus on market need as opposed to a specific skill.  Recent recruitment specialties include:  Executive, Information Technology (Development, Systems, Analytics,, CRM, ERP), Marketing, Finance, and Sales.  We are quick studies and able to handle any recruitment needs that your organization may have.  Reach out to us today to set up a recruitment consultation. 

Proven Track Record

We have placed people in industries like:

  • Information Technology
  • eCommerce & Sales
  • Marketing & Analytics
  • ​Financial & Professional Services
  • Executive
  • Design & Engineering 

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